March 14, 2005

Our internet connection has been disabled for a few days for some unknown reason and I did not realize how nice it is to have the internet in Jenny’s situation. It brings a great sense of independence and provides a way that she can do so many things without the help of others.

Our whole family is slowly picking up more sign language every day. Sophia is most impressive and it is true that it helps reduce tantrums since she can sign easier than speak when she is upset. Jenny is the worst when it comes to using the signs. She claims that she forgets and ends up spelling out words. Of course, she has to modifiy some signs for her limited range of motion. We have lots of good friends who are helping with these adaptions, so we are quite lucky.

Jenny continues to progress, but it is not always in the same areas at the same time. Previously strong muscle groups show less movement, and other new movements pop out of no where. These movements are definately meaningful and do not seem to have any reason for coming or going- but they do cycle in and out. Her legs are getting stronger when it comes to supporting herself and doing independent leg bends on the tilt table, but have decreased in strength on a similar motion while laying on her back.

I sometimes fear that with so many areas to address, we are unable to fully work all that needs attention. It was much easier when all she could do was move her thumb and toes- but I prefer having too much to address than too little. Jenny has days when she is weak for no appearant reason. on these days, Jenny can barely hold herself up in her chair. The next day could end up being her most progressive ever. It does not make much sense, but I still look a the big picture and see continual progress.

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