I have finally added some pictures of Jenny to the web site. You can see them here.

The pictures were taken between April, 2004 and September 2004. Thanks go to Mark for providing these pictures and to Jenny for letting us put them up on the web site.


  1. Hi, Just a note about the pictures. They are great. I loved seeing everyone of them. Boy, you sure have a lot of comedians in your family. I bet that Jenny got a laugh from all of the help and support that was there. I could almost feel the laughter that she had as her children and family tried out the lift. But for the family that was in the lift they must have felt like superman. I think that would have been quite fun. Keep up the great work and love to all of you. Rita

  2. Jenny and Mark
    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. It helps to see how well you are doing. Jenny you look GREAT!!!!!!!! I am glad to see that you have so much support from the kiddos and Mark and everyone else
    I think you look great. thanks again for sharing them me. i am greatful that you have opened this up for us to see
    In Love and Faith

  3. Hi Jenny!

    What great pictures! You are one amazing girl. You have come so far since April. I truely loved seeing all your pictures. You have a beautiful family that loves you so much. What a blessing you are to each and everyone of them. I was especially excited to hear you went to a scrapbooking store. I know you can do it Jenny. You have great pictures to work with. I have some software that might be fun to work with on the computer when you get around to it. You know that is the new IN THING “DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING”. You watch– you are going to be in the hall of fame for digital scrapbooking. Just remember I told you so (maybe I can even get a first run copy of your publication when it comes) Oh by the way. I am thinking of having my handwriting made into a font. They can do that you know. I think they have to have a sample of your writing and I am sure you have saved some cards to your kids or to Mark. Maybe even a recipe cards will work. I just love the idea of having my writing made into a font. I am much faster and neater on the computer. Let me know what you think. It was so good to see all that you are doing. Mark thank you so much for all your time that you put into this website for all of us. Please thank your brother too for all his efforts. Look forward to seeing you.


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