Sept 24, 2004

Jenny continues to improve with her ASL. Before, she could spell out a sentence in a few minutes, but she can now sign it in a few seconds. I still get a bit confused when her hand is tired from a long day of therapy. Jenny knows, or has been taught by friends, a few other signs- like “bathroom”. Jenny liked to teach the primary kids how to sing songs while signing in ASL, and it seems to have really paid off. Many people have asked if they need to sign to Jenny, which they don’t (her hearing is the ONLY thing that has held up) during this whole experience. Her eye sight has improved slightly in the past couple weeks, but reading is still a little difficult.

We went to the eye doctor, who adjusted her prescription, so Jenny sees even clearer. She has been wearing contacts occassionally, but she is now in a pair that can be left in for a week. This way, she can wake up and see the world and not rely on others to put her glasses on. Jenny as wanting this appointment, but like with all her doctor visits, it was stressful and emotional even though things went smooth.

I put a wireless door bell on Jenny’s wheelchair so she can alert us when she needs help. It was another step to feeling more independent. She loved it. I did not tell the kids and Jenny sounded the bell and the kids ran to the door. Jenny had fun with it and the kids ran back and forth thinking that someone was hiding in the bushes. All the while, Jenny was in tears laughing.


  1. Hi, Just thought that I would say a few things about the fun Jenny was having with her kids. I laughed out loud at the fact that the kids thought that someone was hiding in the bushes. I remember hiding in the bushes when I gave gifts at the door of someones home. I would ring the bell and run as fast as I could. I had so much fun. The kids probably had as much fun as Jenny. Going back and forth to the door. I see that everyone has loads of fun in your family. I am so glad that laughter is still in your family. It makes life so fun. I hope that you all have a great day. Love to you all, Rita

  2. Jenny, I am glad that your ASL is going so well. I think it is great that you are able to put everything into words. I am so excited to hear of all of out accomplishmants.
    I hope all is well with the rest of the family. I am sure that the kids are doing well in school. I think that you are all so special
    thank you again for sharing your accomplishments ans hardships. It helps keep me connected to your wonderful family
    God Bless
    In Love and Faith

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