June 18, 2004

Just when I thought there was a stop to progression, Jenny burst out of the gate today with a bunch of new movements. She feels better today for the first time in over a week, due to infections, and this most likely is a contributer to the improvements. Jenny was lifting legs, moving toes, holding her neck and moving it, and supporting her trunk. Jenny’s brother, Steve, had located a bed that has really improved what the therapists can do in therapy. Jenny also got out of the house again today and went to the community pool to see the kids swim. She seems to want to be more active and up in her chair. On occassion, Jenny has had long stretches of crying and extreme emotions (which is par for the course), but she has been in good spirits with family visiting this weekend. I think Jenny did a little showing off today with her visitors. In that case, I will have to rotate visitors in and out during therapy times.


  1. Go Jenny. Boy am I so happy to hear of these wonderful improvements. I hope they continue. Having family come down will surely be so much fun.
    Jenny I am glad that you are going out. that is so important for your therapy. think of it as your own person self therapy 🙂
    Mark, I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I am sure ther are good and bad, but it feels like the good are out weighing the bad the present.
    How are the kids doing with everything. The last time I saw them (at Auburn competition, they were runnign around like good kiddos do. I hope they are doing well.
    I am taking amedical terminology course righ now, and I have to tell you that you are helping me as mental ques for some of my important suffixes and prefixes. So, Thank you for the help
    Thinking of you all often.
    In Love and Faith

  2. Hi, all —

    If you need visitors to show off for during therapy – count me in! I would love to be there to during therapy to motivate and support and be impressed with the progress!

    Love to all —


  3. Mark and Jenny just a quick note. While walking into church last sunday my daughter maddy asked me if I was nervous of my new calling. I was a tough dad so I said “a little bit”. The truth was I was shaking in my shoes. Seeing both of you come in to church put all thoughts aside, and I marveled at your faith and strength. Thank you.

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