June 12, 2004

Jenny has had a couple infections these past few days, but is still going strong. She sleeps at nights, but does not need naps during the day, which allows for more time to be up and moving her muscles. Jenny went grocery shopping with me, against her will, but she seemed to like it because when I asked why she was crying when I came home with the kids from another errand, Jenny stated she was sad because she wanted to go, and we did not ask. I guess she is getting used to the idea of going out into public. Jenny tells me her eyes having trouble focusing, so it keeps her from reading or watching movies. We got Jenny’s permanent wheel chair, which is so supportive, I went on a drive with her without needing somone to help support her head. Jenny also had a ceiling lift system put in to help with transfers from bed to chair. All Jessie and I know is that we can fly anywhere in the room, like Superman, without touching the ground. Maybe we will let Jenny try it since it is for her and all.


  1. I am Joan’s sister’s best friend and I have been praying for Jenny and your family since I heard of her stroke. I haven’t been able to get online in quite awhile, and it was wonderful reading all of the new improvements. I was so amazed and I couldn’t help myself from smiling. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
    Anna Mittiga

  2. You are ‘out and about’!!! Terrific. I don’t blame Jenny for being sad because she was left home from running the errand! I guess we are all kids at heart and hate it when we’re left home, too!!!
    You are making such great progress! Massage table (so getting to be on the tummy and getting MASSAGES!!! – HUH – Mark?); the van and wheel chair (so more trips out); the lift – (so Jenny can get in and out of bed easier.) What I want to know is when SHE gets to be Wendy or Lois Lane and fly around the ceiling like Mark and Sophie????? We are thrilled for Jenny that she can enjoy summer by being up and about more and more. Congratulations on all of your latest achievements, too, Jenny. We still pray for you daily. And we can’t wait for the latest bit of news – we check this site every day!!! We send our love… Uncle Dee and Aunt LA

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