June 8, 2004

Most of what Jenny has been working on the last few days has been breathing around her trache opening that we plug for several hours at a time. It is more difficult than what it would be without a thrache since the tube is still blocking some of the air flow. Jenny is able to sit up in her chair longer and longer each day. She seems to be free of the severe pain and discomfort. All she has now is the constant moderate discomfort- which is still a huge improvement.

Sleep appears to be good as well. Our plan is to get Jenny out every other day for drives or trips to the park. She refuses to go to stores and the such still.

Jenny has been reluctant to watch videos/dvd’s, or even tv, since one little reference to hospitals or illness causes emotional distress. As it turns out, most of her favorite shows were hospital based (like ER). The recent illnesses of friends and family are also difficult for her. It just reminds her too much of her experience and she feels bad since she knows what suffering others are experiencing.

As for other improvements, Jenny is surprising herself. Therapists and ourselves always ask Jenny to do things she has not been able to do. Every now and then Jenny does something new and it can be seen in her eyes that she was unaware that she could do it. Then, she will pracise until she is sore.


  1. Jenny,

    It is so wonderful to hear of the progress you are continuing to make. One of the first things I do daily is to check this website. Our family still has you in our prayers and will continue to do so until you make a complete and full recovery. You can do it Jenny! Especially with a wonderful husband and family like you have. You have spunk and will be okay. Continue to practice hard and everyone’s prayers will pay off!

    The Crofts,
    Lacy & Paula and family

  2. The park is a perfect place to visit – the weather has been beautiful, and you get a chance to watch the kids play!

    I am anxious to see you at church, again, and know that EVERY primary child will be excited as well! They’ve been practicing for Father’s Day and will be singing “I Know My Father Lives” (which carries the sweetest Spirit when they sing it) and “Daddy’s Homecoming” complete with actions!
    We are working on the first verse of “Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth” and just like you said, it’s a very wordy song, but I was amazed how well the Juniors picked it up! You trained them well!

    If you’d rather not hear about Primary, let me know.

    We all love you and check the website daily for updates and progress – you continue to amaze us as well as yourself. But, we never had a doubt that Jenny Lynn could prove the doctors wrong!

    Keep up the great work!
    Love, The Croshaws

  3. Jenny, I am so glad to hear that you are able to sit in the chair longer and longer. It is nice that you are transitioning so well into it. It took my friend a very long time. I remember the process very well.
    I think that the park is a great place to go. I would love to go to the park. I must be very relaxing.
    Well, I am glad to hear of your progresses and hope they continue to be incouraging.
    Thanks again Mark, for putting this out for us. It is so nice to get the updates.

  4. Hello from Utah!! I’m having so much fun playing with all these adorable grandsons!! So happy to hear about all your continuing progress, from sitting and sleeping to eating!! Can’t wait to see you again–I’ll be home on 6/15, so maybe I’ll see you at church that next Sunday?!? Keep up all the great work, and joy just being at home with your family all around you!! LOVE ALWAYS, TAMI 🙂 🙂

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