April 19, 2004

Jenny has been pretty stiff due to feeling uncomfortable, scared, and in pain. She struggled with physical and occupational therapy because she could not relax her muscles. She was evaluated by a neurologist this afternoon, who was very positive about Jenny being able to regain some muscle control, which would be the first neurologist who has acted like there was much hope. He suggested that we increase the amount of therapy and range of motion because of her positive muscle movements. After this, Jenny has been more compliant and relaxed. I think she hears too often what she can not do and not what she is capable of doing. Perhaps this optomisitc visit by her doctor was what she needed.
It was asked that we list our address:

12729 Geist Cove Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46236

Jenny likes cards and pictures.


  1. Mark,

    I dont know what to say….. iam so sorry …. If there is Anything I can do..Or if you just want to talk feel free to call me 765-278-6689.
    my blessings are with you and your families.


  2. Dear Mark,
    It was sooo great to see your “smiling” face today! I hope it was as good for you to see us as it was for us to see you! You and Jenny are an inspiration to us all! Your love for each other, your children and your faith are what really have impressed me! As I said to you today, I really think that God is using you to show us all what really matters in life and HE couldn’t have picked a more perfect couple to show us. Your love for eachother, your children and God will get you through this. I hope you’ll come visit again! Love and Prayers, Rita and the Head Start Gang

  3. Mark and Jenny:

    Although we haven?t been in touch with you for some time, we have been following the website and greatly appreciate the wonderful way you keep everyone included in Jennifer?s progress. Mark your words are so optimistic and encouraging. You and Jenny show such strength and faith and are an example and inspiration to so many. Our family checks the website often and include you all in our prayers. Jenny is so strong and determined in all that she does. Her progress is very exciting. I am sorry for the struggles you are all experiencing at this time, but it is evident that you are filled with strength, faith, and wonderful support from family and friends to help you through these difficult times, not to mention the wonders of medical technology! We send you our love! We will continue to follow the website. Thanks again for the wonderful words you share with all, Mark.

    Bob, Michelle, Riley, Delaney (and baby-in-progress) Peper

  4. Hi Jenny & Mark,

    We?re pleased to hear of your progress and the positive prospective from a physician! I bet it doesn’t probably feel like progress at times?yet I?m sure your heart fills with pride after each minute accomplishment. Your personal perseverance, your husband?s loving care, and the support of family and friends is inspirational. It?s been an opportunity to share these stories of strength and unity with others. These examples show the love of our Christian community and have laid the background of my sharing our faith with others.

    I hope you have frequently felt the buoyancy of the Spirit. Our lips mention your and the names of your family daily?as prayer seems the only way to serve you at this time. I have a testimony of prayer. I feel warmth and love when my wife prays for me when I struggle and she pleads to the Lord in my behalf. We love you and long to see you again.

    Jared & Julianne Webber

  5. Mark and your wonderful family.
    We are the parents of Pam Kinney. We have kept all of you in our prayers since learning of your event. You can be very proud of the strength you and your wife have demonstrated. It gives hope for all of us when we may have to go through a struggle in our lives.
    Our Prayers will continue and you may not know us but our LOVE is there for all of you.
    “God Bless”
    Charlotte and John Heumann

  6. Dear Jenny and family,
    What a beautiful family photo! I want you to know that you are all in our prayers. We have been thinking of you everyday since we recently heard of what happened to Jenny. We are praying that each day brings more strength, courage, and hope for the future.
    Sincerely with love,
    Melissa and Dan Teuscher

  7. Hi Mark. You and your family are in my prayers. I have read the book about the “diving bell and the butterfly” and have an understanding of the condition that Jenny is confronted with at this time. I admire your strength and am looking forward to her continued progress. Take care of yourself and each other. Peace and love, Carol

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