red popsicles

I left the hospital to spend time with our girls today and came back to see red pigment on Jenny’s bandages by her trache. I feared some sort of bleeding, but Missy told me that Jenny had a popsicle today! Jenny was soooo happy about it that she had a huge grin. Missy tells me that Jenny was not able to open her mouth without assistance on the first 2 bites, but did not require help for the rest. The true test was to see if any red popsicle fluid came up with suctioning of her airway- which there was NONE all day! She is swallowing and doing quite well at it. They plan on starting ice and water where they use blue water to see if any comes up with the suctioning. If the blue water test works out, that is a step closer to possible elimination of the tracheostomy, begining some eating, and possible speech-but we will take it a step at a time.

On Thursday, we meet with the assistive technology people for use of communication devices and wheel chairs. That means we are getting that much closer to Jenny coming home! She still feels a lot of discomfort, but her pneumonia looks like it cleared and the fever is down. Zach read to his mom today for school homework. He was cute as he asked Jenny questions and showed pages and told her to blink if she thought certain things. Jenny had a smile on her face and a laugh every now and then as he did this. This was a good day.


  1. Mark, I am keeping up with Jenny through the site and from Joni(I’m her mom). I have about 25 people who still keep Jenny in their prayers, and are as excited as I am about her progress. Thank you so much for posting so often, I know you have so much to do already, but it really helps us all feel connected.

    Cindy Blinn

  2. Good Morning Jenny & Mark!

    What good news! I’m so excited to hear of this progress. I’m glad to hear your pneumonia is cleared, too. Keep up the good work! LOL Grace

  3. Sweatheart, I am so happy to hear you are making progress. While Mom keeps me up to date, the first thing I look at each morning is the journal entry Mark makes. He is a mountain of a man and you are a real fighter. We had the website announced at church so more and more people are following up on your progress. Love, Dad

  4. Mark, we really appreciate this web site. I’m sure you have heard more than a few dozen times how many hearts your family has touched. Your family is such a beautiful and amazing example of faith, love and endurance. I wish there was some way we could extend the same blessing into your lives as you have extended into ours. Your family is in our prayers, and it has been pretty incredible to feel and see those prayers being answered everyday we check this site.
    Love, Melanie, Jared, Hannah and Noah- The Greens

  5. Mark!!!!
    I am so glad to hear of the progress Jenny is making. What a great morale boost for everyone.
    I am so glad to hear that you are all doing well and that the kids are doing well too.
    Please tell Missy that I send my love!
    Give kisses all around!
    With Love and Faith-

  6. Dear Mark,
    This web site is great!! We all keep up with Jenny’s progress and can tell by your information that all is going well. I love hearing about the kids too, it sounds like they’re also doing quite well. I never thought I’d be telling you this, but I sure do miss your smiling face, your magic tricks, and talking about all the reality TV shows, not to mention letting you know when you need a haircut and the Catholic Church conversations we’ve had! I hope you are doing as well as you seem through your emails. We’re all praying for Jenny and your family. We Miss You! God Bless, Rita

  7. Great! Sister Lynn is starting to eat. She’s making a lot of progress. Soon, she won’t need machines very often. This is just one step closer to more miracles.

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