April 9-10

Jenny had a much better day on Friday. Zach was able to see her sitting up in a special wheel chair/bed, which made her look more like herself. She made some great movements in her left arm and was laughing tons.
Saturday was difficult because she could never get into a comfortable position (which may be relative in her situation) and she was dealing with infections, bacterias, congestion, cramping, and fever. I brought in a video of Zach’s first soccer game (in which he scored a goal), but Jenny made us aware that seeing has been difficult and she was unable to really see well – even with glasses. I was told by doctors that double vision is common, but may only be temporary. It is frustrating to not know what to do to make her feel better. For now, I suction her mouth, reposition her, ask if she needs the nurse, do range of motion, try to play music of her choice, and just be there and talk with her. It really does not seem to help much, but I guess it might be worse without it.

Last summer, Jenny joined her mother on a trip to London to she Melissa (Jenny’s sister) perform in a show. Jenny was reluctant at first because it was too close to other big trips, but I am glad she went. She made audio tapes for the kids where she told them she loved and missed them and then read them a story. I found the books and tapes (4 in all) and let the kids listen ot the 1st. It was “What Mommie Do Best/ What Daddies Do Best”. It seemed to help the kids, but It was difficult for me to hear- even thought I was longing to hear her voice. At the end of the story, Jenny reassured them that while she was not able to be with them that Daddy was going to take care of them for her until she gets back.


  1. Mark,Jenny and family, Taking care of someone is a very hard thing to do. Love gets you and the patient through it all. Know that all the love that you have will be enough to get you both through. Prayers for your strength and devotion to each other will strengthen you beyond measure. I have known Jenny through the Stake Primary. I have always felt that Jenny was a very special person. I could always fell the love that she has for the children and her desires to fulfull her calling. It has helped me to fulfill mine. Give her my love. My prayers are with and for your family. I am sooo happy that the children get to visit their mother. I know it can help the recovery process greatly. As I was reading of the visits of the children it reminded me that children love forever. Love, Rita

  2. Hi, Mark, Jenny and kids –

    Thanks so much for letting us know what we need to be sure to include in our prayers for you. Thanksgiving for the miracles that are happening and for continued healing and strength for all. Everyday I am more and more thankful for the technology that makes things like this site possible.

    Soooo, has Jenny consented to an electric razor yet???

    Take care, all

  3. Dearest Jenny, On behalf of the Ward choir, may I say how much we love you and miss you. We are dedicating our Easter performance to you and your family. On a personal note, I’ve never had the joy of leading the music in Primary with your beautiful children present until 2 weeks ago. Jessie wasn’t sure what to think with “not her Mommy” up there at first, but then she sang with the most radiance and joy (and enthusiasm!!)I’ve seen. I know you’re proud of them. We all continue to pray for you and are thrilled with every little bit of “good news”
    Love, Maria

  4. Lynn Family,
    I am so happy to hear about all the great improvements in Jenny’s condition. Although they may seem only small they are a miracle. I remember being taught to not take material things for granted, like showers, and clean clothes, but I never even stopped to think about the simple things like movement. It brings great saddness to my heart knowing something I take for granted everyday, Jenny is fighting to regain. I have figured out something though, I think I know why this has all happened! Jenny I have heard from so many, is a very faithful person, and her faith in this gospel is what Heavenly Father is using as a tool right now for others to follow in her example. Jenny has so much faith in this gospel that she WILL pull through this. And will aid Heavenly Father in the process by proving that (ST MATTHEW 17:20) is true. ” If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed… nothing shall be impossible unto you.” I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are just a blessing to all of our lives! May the Lord bless you all!
    Love Ashley!

  5. I really miss Sister Lynn. You can’t see it, but I’m crying my head off right now. Sister Lynn was a great chorister. I know that everybody in primary feels like there’s a big hole there. But, she will probably recover a lot and may come back to church again. No matter what happens, we should remember that all these miracles come from our Lord, Jesus Christ. I think it’s great that she’s making progress. When I first heard about her stroke, It thought she wouldn’t make it. But now I am almost sure she will live long.

  6. Dear Jenny, it was so great to see Mark at Church today, and hear from “the horse’s mouth” how you are doing. He is so upbeat about you and your progress. Please know that we are all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. The girls have missed you so much. Francesca has missed Sophie. Well, you know Francesca. She thinks she is surgically attached to Sophie. Oh, heck. I miss you too! I’m sure you couldn’t figure that one out. 🙂 Okay, I have to know, are you going to consent to the electric razor?


  7. Dear Mark & Jenny,
    We have been thinking of you and you have been in my prayer everyday. We are very excited about Jenny’s progress and we are confident that this progress will go on and on and Jenny is going to come out of it and comes back to Utah to visit again.
    Chaofeng & Denise Kao from Pleasent Grove, Utah
    P.S. Please say Hi to Connie, we miss her.

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