My recent challenge

I’m usually a pretty healthy eater, but I had developed some bad habits over the holidays that I wanted to eliminate before they got bad. I’ve tried on my own to occasionally go without sugar, but It always backfires because my thinking hasn’t changed. Consequently when I’m done, I go crazy eating tons of sugar! So, I decided to get educated & signed up for a 21 day no sugar challenge. I didn’t think much of it.

As the starting date neared, we were counselled to clean out our drawers/pantries of anything tempting.  At 1st, I didn’t think I had much, but when I finally resolved to clean out the few things I had, I started to see how much more had to go than I realized (like all my dried fruit, including snacks that were a nut/dried fruit combo).  I started to wonder if I was crazy for signing up to do this   (& I’m sure that many of u reading this are thinking, “yes, u are!”)  It was very tempting to pull out, & I had too remind myself why I had wanted to do this in the 1st place!

As a result, I went ahead with my initial plans.  The 1st week was not easy.  I went through sugar withdrawal, & got headaches & so, so moody!  (I recall getting mad about stupid stuff, & crying, because I didn’t see results I was hoping for right away.)  At times I craved sugar soooo bad, & while my husband supported me in so many ways (making meals  I could eat, buying food I could eat, not making it an issue when I ate w/others), he wasn’t doing the challenge, so occasionally, I saw him eat stuff I “couldn’t” eat, & I wanted it!  & I got so moody

But with work & as time went on, I started to see positive results (more than the obvious weight loss!)  Some of those results I’d desired, & other results were “a nice bonus.”   & by the end, I wasn’t even tempted to eat sugary snacks!

The challenge is over.  I can eat sugar now, & sometimes I do.  But I really like the results that came so I continue to try to minimize my sugar intake.  & when I do have sugar, I have to be careful, because that “sugar monster” pops up  & wants more.  Then I have to remind myself of the results I’ve seen, & why I have CHOSEN to keep doing this!

I realized that much of my life has required this kind of determination.  I know when I had my stroke, I could’ve gone home & laid in bed & watched TV.  I don’t think many people would have argued (my husband would have, but that is for another post! haha)  I had to push myself on to a rehab hospital, or to try other therapies, or to continue working on a skill.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I think we all have our own challenges to keep pushing through & overcome, & then to keep pushing.  I hope u will consider yours, & “keep pushing!”    


  1. Catching up and reading your last couple of posts. Always thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you for writing.

    I already thought you are a super hero, but now sugar too?! That impressive, sugar is is biggest vice and also my best friend. 😂 Joking aside, it is your grit and determination that is impressive and inspiring.

    Thank you for always giving me something to think about and to push myself too. ♥️

    1. My “teacher” wanted to make it liveable, so we were allowed 25 g of sugar & 2 fruits a day. (I never did it, but just knowing that if I worked it right, I could work it so that I could afford a square of dark chocolate, eased my anxiety enough to “muscle through”). So if u think of a challenge, my advice is to find a way to make your challenges bearable…u probably will not love them as u are dealing with them, but finding your own way to make it through, & keeping the goal in sight really help!

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