My mouth was wired shut and I can’t get my words out and I just want to throw things at people when they don’t understand what I am saying. How on Earth did you get through this???

Hahahahaha!  (Not a mean laugh, that just tickles my funny bone!)   It was so hard adjusting, for about the 1st year!  It’s a quick, painful lesson in extreme patience!  I thought I was patient pre-stroke…but, it must be a different kind of patience!

However, I still have days like that, & on those days, Mark tells me that I’m like a toddler, throwing a temper tantrum–& he’s EXACTLY right!  Kinda gives u a new perspective on toddlers…

My Jessie was one tough toddler, & threw temper tantrums like U wouldn’t  believe…now I wonder if those were just times where she was too smart for her own good, & just did not have the words!  Because it can be beyond frustrating!

The key is to look at things as they are: when u have an eternal perspective, this frustrating time is just a blink of the eye!  & try to find the good in the bad—a little frustration is worth a fixed jaw.  Let things go, so if people don’t understand u, it’s ok (I’m an OCD personality, so at times I struggle w/following my own advice here!)

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