my 12th “stroke-aversary”

Yesterday was my 12th “stroke-aversary”, so when Mark found me in tears yesterday (I was just sick, & wanted to go to bed, but was having an anxiety attack at the same time!), he thought it was about my stroke-aversary!  Lol. Guess it kinda’ was that too, cuz I wanted to DO something, & “celebrate”!

There have been things have occurred this week that have reminded me of some things:

Life is fragile.  U never know what God’s plan is for u…I had a very different plan mapped out in my head!  I am sure my kids would’ve preferred a “normal” family, but I am grateful for all that my family does for me, & I will be eternally grateful for being blessed with a man who has stood by me & helped me to be a better person.  I have been fortunate to marry into such a supportive family, as well as for being born into a supportive family, & constantly being surrounded by supportive friends.  Most of all, I am grateful for Christ’s atonement, because I know that I am never alone, & that Christ is aware of me & my feelings.  It is hard for me to imagine the suffering He endured as He experienced not only the things for me, but for everyone!


Since I’m often asked what can be done for someone who is going through a “rough patch”, I thought that I would share what some of the things were that were done for me post-stroke, & maybe it will “jump-start” your brain, so u can adapt the idea to another situation:

  1. 100s of “thinking of you” & “you’re in our prayers” cards were sent, including some emails, & several people wrote to me more than 1 time
  2. Hospital & home visits from family & friends, near &far
  3. Friends placed me on LDS temple prayer rolls
  4. A small picture book was sent, w/pictures from my youth, by my seminary teacher
  5. Primary classes sent me cards & pictures of the kids
  6. Flowers & a big cookie were sent to me in the hospital
  7. My best friend recorded favorite shows for me
  8. My sister would come to the hospital & file my nails
  9. Books were sent to inspire as they were read to me
  10. A favorite picture of Christ was mailed to me
  11. Someone sent me a favorite movie
  12. Flowers were given to me weekly, once I was home by church friends
  13. A church friend recorded Sunday School classes for me, while I was in the hospital
  14. When I was in the hospital, Mark finished off selling & shipping the eBay stuff that I was in the process of selling
  15. A church friend recorded the Easter sacrament program
  16. My family held Easter & Family Home Evening (FHE) in the hospital with me.
  17. My high school best friend & her family gave up a Disney trip for spring break and went to Cleveland.
  18. My cousins gave me (my first) iPod, burned with church talks and music
  19. Bishop came to the hospital to help give me the sacrament.
  20. A family member filled our fridge with yogurts and apple sauce.
  21. A church friend was best doctor—he made house calls came in on weekends and holidays just for me
  22. Mark kept my journal for me, until I could type & keep my OWN journal again
  23. Some meals were brought in.
  24. My brother helped to get me the best hospital bed to use at home
  25. A church friend sent the Relief Society Newsletter to me
  26. Church friends let me use their pool for swim therapy
  27. Many people found creative ways to use their talents to help me…Some of those ways were:
    1. My Visiting Teacher taught me to watercolor , which increased my range of motion
    2. My brother sent me a CD he had recorded of him playing his own arrangements of hymns
    3. A church friend made a Jesus sculpture for me
    4. Deaf friends taught ASL.
    5. The Young Women from church visited me in my home, to share things they made for me at girls camp, & gave me a “candy gram”
    6. The entire primary sent me cards, & some were selected & put on a quilt for me
    7. CDs were sent that had mixes of inspirational & relaxing music
    8. My husband continually thought of ways to make me smile & laugh, but would also just spend lots of time with me.
  28. Friends took me to a Donny Osmond concert (because they knew  that I liked him!)
  29. My sister her spouse, & Mark’s parents moved to Indy to help out
  30. Friends helped with range of motion
  31. My brother & his family took my family to Disney World
  32. A church friend made preparations so I could return to the temple
  33. My Visiting Teachers often sent cards w/uplifting quotes


And I’m sure that I’m forgetting stuff, but maybe this list will give you ideas of what to do for someone who’s sick/hurt!

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