My hand always wants to curl up. What do you use to straighten out your hand?

My left hand likes to curl as well, but I straighten my hand (I hold it down & strap it- w/the 2 Velcro strips that are attached to my chair, 1 at the wrist & one at the knuckles) everytime I get in my chair.

Let me explain: years ago, my “paralyzed” (my hand feels stuff, but it can’t move voluntarily) left hand was annoying me, so as a joke, mk strapped it down. but I loved it, so I always do it now! It’s probably bad that I can’t use it’ but ii has it’s pros & cons, & for me, the pros outweigh that 1 con!

Then when I was getting my permobile w/c, the sales guy saw my Velcro strap, & said he could put a permanent one on my new w/c, cuz the w/c company sells these Velcro straps that attach to the chair (though thx goodness my mom sews so well & was able to switch to some heavy duty Velcro, cuz I put a LOT of strain on these little straps!)


Looking at the bottom of my left hand

Looking at the side of my left hand

Looking at the side of my left hand

Looking at the bottom of my left hand

Looking at the bottom of my left hand

Anyway, here’s my pros for using a Velcro strap on my ?paralyzed? hand::
1. It’s such a headache having to constantly guard my left hand everytime I laugh & sneeze (cuz my arm contracts into my body, & falls off the armrest)!
2. It does allow me to use what left side strength I have (think in the left shoulder). With it, I can straighten my arms to lift my butt & move it right, forward, & back. But w/o it, my hand falls off of the armrest, so I don’t have the leverage to lift myself!
3. It also allows me to lean forward (say to scratch my foot) & “catch myself” so I don’t fall out of my chair.

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