Aug 13, 2004

Jenny was very ill today. I have been cautiously wondering what would happen if Jenny ever threw up – especially now that her trache has been removed. I now know. It was a mess, but Jenny did great with handling everything respiratory related. She now feels much better and I think it was something she ate. Many of her meds were reduced that help with pain and involuntary movements. She seems to be doing well with it, but we should know in a couple days if she can tolerate the reduction. Jenny would prefer to be off all meds, so she will deal with some pain if she could.

One comment

  1. Dear Jenny–Sorry to hear you were sick yesterday;
    maybe a case of Friday-the-Thirteenth-itis! Glad if you had to throw up, no harm came from it! I really really hate to throw up–which has really helped me eat proper portions since my surgery, because if I eat too much, up it comes!! How awesome that you are now off so many meds. I know how great that feels, too–I now take just two of the previously eleven Rx meds I used to take!! It really is so great to see you at church and watch your precious children interact with all their loving relatives; I truly enjoyed hearing your laugh last Sunday! Keep up all the good work and keep counting your blessings. You are so beautiful and so very very blessed!

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