July 31, 2004

Jenny use to like mail and UPS deliveries, but now, the mailman delivers too many hospital bills/ test results and UPS people just deliver therapy and medical supplies. The kids love all the therapy equiptment and think that our house is like a playground now. Jenny would relate it to a torture chamber. With all of Jenny’s new abilities, it becomes our task to see what she can do, in a practical sense, with her movements. By seeing herself manipulating her environment, Jenny becomes more positive and feels like she is really getting better. Today, we went to a few stores and tried out a couple gaming joy sticks for fun. Jenny played her childhood favorite, Ms Pacman. She could move her player, but not fast enough to be good at the game. I also placed her in the front seat of the van, instead of her wheerchair, to see how she could do. Jenny sat better in the seat than her wheelchair. The only problem is that I have to lift her in each time (which she demanded all day long) rather than pushing her wheelchair up a ramp to the van.

We also went to the scrapbook store that she use to teach classes at. This was the first time I went in that store with her where we bought nothing and we were in less than 5 minutes. I guess it had to do with me running her through at lightning speed. I’m sure Jenny is looking forward to controling her own wheelchair due to experiences like this. Jenny has also met the decannulation (trache removal) requirements by plugging her trache for 24 hours. She actually kept the plug on after meeting the goal. So, as far as it looks right now, she will still get rid of her trache Monday. I promised to stay by her bed last night to watch her (she was obviously a little anxious about not breathing) but she actually breathes better with her trache capped while sleeping than when conscious. I feel good about her progress and after the last 48 hours, Jenny is confident in her abilities too.

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  1. Hi Mark & Jenny, I’m not sure if you will remember me, my son Kyle and Zach were in the same kindergarten class. I found out about Jenny from Debi Hinds (Evan’s mom). I also, know Andrew and Vanessa Croshaw. They live across the court from us. Small world huh? I asked Andrew for the website, so I could check on Jenny’s progress and spirits. I remember she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. Her smile is great. I’m glad to hear that she is improving, and if any of you need anything, I will help if I can. I’ll keep checking the website and all of our prayers are with your family.

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