June 24, 2004

It seems that I write less often, but Jenny is actually doing more and more each day. It is to the point that Jenny may demonstrate more movement in her hand (ie-opening and closing the fist) and add a new movement during that therapy session (bending the wrist). Later that same day, as we practise her new movements, Jenny will demoonstrate even more new movments (twisting her wrist). Again, these are all weak and slow movements, but they are getting better each day and they are definately voluntary. We just got a tilt table (table that Jenny is strapped into that allows her to stand and bear her own weight as it slowly tilts strait up to 90 degrees). Jenny hates it, but she does it anyway. Her neck movements and strength are very strong and we hope to have her able to sit in her chair without head supports soon (at least for short periods of time). We feel very blessed with her progress and Jenny has been more upbeat baout her progress. It is great to see her improve so much.


  1. I’m sitting here in the library at Muncie with tears streaming down my face so if I goof spelling I know you will understand. But don’t worry they are good tears. Mark, Rhonda and I heard what happened in the Indy 2nd news group since then you and Lynn and your family have been in our prayers and our thoughts non-stop. I am glad you put up the site, I know it will be very therapeutic for you and it helps the rest of us too. Something I wanted to share, you know becaue of my knees and how wrecked they were by the accident in 1999 added upon by the severe osteoarthritis I have, I am in constant pain, so much so they put me on Kadian which is a time-release morphine. It works wonders for my pain control, but it also effects you mentally. I constantly try to cut down on my dosage and just recently succeeded on cutting back another 30 milligrams a day. One thing that helps me when not even the pain meds seem to help is to visualize the pain, it is a form of self-hypnosis and it sure works. I picture the pain as a black ball like a big nerf ball, I can grab it and squeeze it down to a small size like a tennis ball, then I stuff it in a can and bury it. That visualization helps me put the pain away so I can focus on other things. I’m sure you get inundated with info and I know you study and read to find what works best for you two. We are hoping to move back down to Indy Second come November this year now that Rhonda is working full-time and permanenet finally down there. We love you and your family so much! I know your faith, your heart, are in the right place that is so evident by your positive comments and your slefless love for your wife. This will only make you guys all the stronger and never forget, I know this with all my heart as sure as I live and breath, Heavenly Father knows you and your family, he knows Lynn pain, he knows your heartaches and he knows your up times as well as your bad and He NEVER, leaves you alone to bear it. He is always there to help you and be your strength when you guys just don’t feel like you may have any of your own left. But I think you know this already too by now. I think the two of you are so blessed to have each other, I just can’t think of a better pair suited to work through this and make it through! God bless you guys! We sure love ya!

  2. At least I warned you I was on morphine! After I wrote yesterday I went home and thought all the way, did I write Sister Lynn or Jenny? And realized I had a major brain malfunction and wrote Lynn every where, forgive me! I hope you know what I meant. I have those days where not only does my brain fail me but my hands and I end up dropping every thing I touch! We’ve lost a few more dishes over the past way that way! Much to Rhonda’s um, amazement yeah that’s a good word!
    Have a good weekend I hope there is more progress yet, miracles DO happen where there is faith and you are inundated with it and surrounded by it! Love You All! Mark & Rhonda

  3. Mark and Jenny and the rest of the family…
    I am glad to hear of the improvements a always. Mark, do not even worry about the writing, you write when you have the time. I think that you will get more and more busy as Jenny’s movements and needs and wants increase and don’t worry they will !!!!!!!!!!!
    Jenny, keep up the great work and may you be lifted up in all of your hard times ahead. I think that you are the best and the strongest. Rob and I may be throiugh there in the nest few. I’ll let you of Carolyn know

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