1 month

Today marks one month since Jenny’s stroke. March 16th was actually 8 years to the day from when we moved to Indiana. I feel like the last month has been a blur. I can’t imagine what Jenny feels. She continued practising with her communication device today now that she has dedicated glasses to mount her motion detector to. She appears to be doing better with the system and I made some changes to the format to better suit her needs. I added some fun phrases as well.

I began her candy therapy today. The speech therapist said I could help stimulate mouth movements by using Pixy Stix and Dum Dums in small/controlled quantities. Jenny appeared to like it.

She dislikes the boots she wears that keep her feet from pointing. She hates the suctioning of her trache that makes her appear to convulse. It must get bad because she will ask to be suctioned.

I would have to say that Jenny is doing better than expected for just being one month. I credit the prayers in her behalf and her strong will. Thank you all for your love and prayers.


  1. Hi, Mark, Jenny and kids —

    Thank you so much for letting us continue to share each day with you all. The updates are like visits for us. We all rejoice in the progresses being made and yet we know the depth of the limitations that remain. Mark, you do an excellent job of writing about things in a realistic and positive way. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing with us – allowing us to have insight into your life right now is a very beautiful gift from you. I love to hear about the visits from your children with Jenny – they are so full of love!

  2. Mark and Jen,

    I learned of Jen’s condition yesterday from a friend, and to say the least, I was shocked and saddened. After reading your journal entries, however, I am encouraged and hopeful. It comes as no surprise to me that Jen’s innate strength of will and firm grip on her faith has allowed her to acheive more than most thought possible in such a short time. Mark, I appreciate this journal as a way to allow people that care about Jen and your family to send their love and prayers. So I too send you more of what appears to be working so miraculously… The love and prayers of my family (myself, Kelly, and Emma) are with you. Jen, hang in there. From where I sit, you are doing it right, and you have the support of so many.

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