Dec 22, 2004

Jenny had set a few goals for herself for this Christmas and by her one year anniversary of her stroke. At he begining, she was hammered with the fact that she was going to be “locked in” and never able to do anything. She later began showing improvements, so she decided to set pretty lofty goals. Now that December is here, she feels (felt?) let down that she never reached her goals- which were related to speaking and walking. I think she realizes that she has come far past the point that she is suppose to be. I am not sure if she buys into the fact that her desire is a large part of what got her this far.

Jenny continues to show great improvement with speach therapy. She was very vocal today with a variety of sounds that she has been working on. However, she also reported feeling a little weak and slightly more blurry vision. This has occurred before. We have increased her physical activity, so she may be a little warn out. One of the things we do now is electrical stimulation. I like it and she hates it- like normal. I think that is the main reason behind more movement on her left side.


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope all is well….sounds like it! I think that you ar a little tuckered out because you are working so hard….both of you.
    I hope you have a chance to relax this holiday season.
    Keep up with your goals. Goals can be the best motivator…never give that up.
    Stay warm, enjoy the snow, i bet you have a bit of it.
    God Bless All of you…and Merry Christmas again!
    In Love and Faith
    Janet and Rob

  2. Hi Jenny, Mark, and kids!
    Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I feel like we haven’t talked to you in a while. Jenny you are doing amazing. You have to give yourself credit for all the incredible things that you have already accomplished. You are doing great. Physically you are always improving and your attitude is amazing!! Tell the kids we said “Hi”. Brice got Star Wars stuff for Christmas and keeps saying he needs to see Zack so they can play their star wars stuff together. You guys take care! Love, Brian, Juli, Brittney, Brice, and Brinn

  3. Hi, Sounds to me that you are doing great. I hope that you had a great Christmas. Keep up with your goals Jenny. You will get there soon. Just look how far you have come towards them already. Make some new ones for yourself. The farther that you reach the closer you get to what you want. I want to wish you Happy New Year with love and all the things that you dream of. Love Rita

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