Give me 5 ways you keep positive when you are feeling helpless or useless. 😊

  1.  Pray & LISTEN (often, I naturally wake at 4 AM, & lie awake waiting for Mark to wake, & I swear the veil is thinner then, probably because there are no distractions)
  2.  Read the scriptures. I once heard that we talk to God by praying, & He talks to us through the scriptures…I sure hate to essentially “cover God’s Mouth” by not opening the scriptures!
  3.  I figure out ways to be grateful…ex.: when a zipper broke on a costume, I was grateful my dress could be stapled in back.  Another ex. When things are rough between someone & I, I search for why I am grateful for that person–even if it’s unrelated to the situation at hand.
  4.  I listen to something uplifting, so my mind is distracted & I don’t dwell on things
  5. service–I serve by emailing others a bit of joy that I noticed in their lives or by journaling to my future posterity–helps me see it in my own life…for some reason, things are, made clearer to me when I type!


I am convinced that before u feel down, u need to prepare for those days by strengthening your testimony, attending church, learning to recognize the spirit, etc…I truly believe that Satan wants us to feel that way, & will find any way into our home, & sometimes the way in, is when he finds a way to make us feel down on ourselves.  That only seeps into our relationships, & makes us get even more down on ourselves…so, a huge strategy of mine is to recall when things were good, & figure out  why Satan wants to ruin things, & see how he “got in”, so it doesn’t keep happening. This is a fairly new strategy for me, but it works.

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